Brook Thorndycraft, MA, B.Ed, Q.Med
Brook Thorndycraft Conflict Resolution Services

I am an Accredited Family Mediator, Coach, and Conflict Resolution Trainer.  I came to work in conflict resolution out of a passion for social justice.  I love supporting people to feel confident in their abilities and equipped to ride the storm of conflict. 


I have a Master of Arts in Education and a Bachelor of Education from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto.  I have been engaged in professional development around conflict resolution since 2003.  


Before starting my conflict resolution practice, I worked for fifteen years in the community sector as an educator, frontline service provider, and counsellor.  I have worked in areas including housing and homelessness, restorative justice, HIV and sexual health education, and refugee support work.  

I have particular experience working with non-tradition and LGBTQ families.  In addition, I have my own experience with nontraditional family, both in childhood and adulthood.  

I understand that family can come in many different forms, and mean many different things to different people.  This experience gives me a unique ability to understand multiple perspectives and complex family realities.


Training and experience in:


  • Family mediation;

  • Parenting plans;

  • Workplace and community mediation;

  • Group process design;

  • Restorative justice;

  • Facilitation;

  • Narrative therapy;

  • Crisis intervention;

  • Anti-oppression and equity;

  • Popular education.

My Philosophy of Conflict


Like plants connected by hidden roots, human beings are intertwined in unpredictable and invisible ways that are often impossible to untangle.  While we sometimes wish we could simply turn our backs on painful relationships, we are often linked in ways we cannot avoid.  Conflict can be very destructive, but it also has tremendous potential for creativity and social change.  Since we cannot avoid it, it’s important to learn to address conflict in ways that lead to transformation, build stronger connections, and create more socially just communities. 


Conflict is inevitable in this interconnection, present in all our relationships, and requires many skills to navigate -- some intuitive, and some that can be learned and practiced.



Who I Work With

I am based in Toronto, and am willing to travel. I also provide virtual mediation and coaching.

  • Grassroots organisations and larger non-profits

  • Activists and social change makers

  • People experiencing burnout due to conflict in the workplace

  • Families and couples

  • LGBTQ families and couples

  • Non-traditional families (e.g. polyamorous, multiple caregivers, etc.)

Brook Thorndycraft
Mediation, coaching, and training for families, workplaces, and individuals.

65 Wellesley St East, Suite 402

Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 1G7




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