Mediating Your Breakup? Coaching Can Help

The end of a long term relationship is one of the most destabilizing experiences people go through. It’s disorienting and exhausting. The emotional rollercoaster alone is enough to make things confusing, but on top of that, there are all of the life changes a break up brings with it. And the unfairness of it all is that at this very time of chaos and confusion, major decisions need to get made. Where are the kids going to live? Who keeps the house or apartment and who has to move? How do we make sure the kids are as OK with the transition as they can be? These are big decisions. As a family mediator, I often see people come into my office who desperately want to make an agreement and

PODCAST: Agitating for Change - The Diversity of LGBTQ Family Matters

Check out this podcast of my interview about LGBTQ families dealing with separation and divorce. The interview aired originally on Mediation Station, CHHA 1610AM Radio, on September 24, 2017. The interview starts 12 minutes and 30 seconds into the recording. Topics include: Broadening our understanding of what family means; The meaning(s) of LGBTQ; Legal issues faced by LGBTQ and other non-traditional families going through separation and divorce; Equitable access to resources; Support for people experiencing intimate partner violence in LGBTQ relationships. Thanks to Gregg Fenten and Mediation Station for the recording. For more topics on conflict resolution, tune in every Sunday from 8:

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