Conflict Coaching

Is there a relationship in your life that is causing you stress, or that you wish were easier? 

Conflict coaching may be helpful if you:

  • Are avoiding asking someone for something you need, because you are concerned about their reaction;

  • Are angry or frustrated with someone, but aren't sure how to bring it up without it becoming a fight;

  • Feel judged, criticized, or unheard by someone important in your life;

  • Are losing hope that a difficult relationship at work or home could be better;

  • Are going to mediation and want to make sure you negotiate well for yourself;

  • Can't get along with someone in your life, and nothing you try seems to ease the tension;

  • Fight frequently with someone important to you.

"Since working with Brook, I've been able to bring greater self-awareness to my interactions with my sister, pausing and breathing before reacting, and approaching her with greater empathy. Even these little changes on my part have started to shift the tone of our interactions.

Thank you, Brook!"

- Christine, Coaching Client

Pre-Mediation Coaching


For people who are preparing for, or in the middle of mediation, who would like one-on-one support to be able to participate fully and knowledgeably in the process.


In coaching, we will:


  • Practice communication skills to de-escalate conflict;

  • Think about the conflict from different perspectives; 

  • Identify and practice shifting conflict patterns that get in the way of finding a solution;

  • Assess options and prepare proposals;

  • Prepare to face a difficult conversation with more ease.


Relationship Improvement Coaching


For people who are stuck in an ongoing conflict, who would like one-on-one support to make changes that may bring more ease into the relationship.


In coaching we will:


  • Develop a deeper understanding of the conflicted relationship, and why it is important to you;

  • Think about the conflict from different perspectives;

  • Envision a preferred way of relating;

  • Identify and practice actions you can individually take to interrupt conflict patterns;

  • Observe and celebrate any signs of shifting.


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