Family Mediation

Unique solutions for unique families

I support parents going through separation and divorce to work together to find the best solution for their unique family and children.


As a mediator, I help people notice and interrupt painful conflict patterns, find clarity about their roles as co-parents, develop concrete plans to move forward, and envision a preferred future for their family. My goal is to support people to find agreements that allow them to improve their relationship as co-parents.

In divorce or separation, I help people to:

  • Develop parenting plans that fit their unique family;

  • Make difficult decisions about their children's living arrangement, schedule, schooling, health, etc;

  • Fight less about parenting issues;

  • Find healthier ways of communicating for the wellbeing of their kids.

When people are planning to conceive using assisted reproduction, I help people to develop an agreement regarding the future child's relationship with each of the adults involved.  

Pre-Mediation Coaching


I offer the option of one-on-one coaching sessions with both parties before we meet for mediation.  Coaching can help people participate fully and knowledgeably in the process, and can help to minimize conflict and increase efficiency in the mediation session.  


In coaching, we will:


  • Practice communication skills to de-escalate conflict;

  • Think about the conflict from different perspectives; 

  • Identify and practice shifting conflict patterns that get in the way of finding a solution;

  • Assess options and prepare proposals;

  • Prepare to face a difficult conversation with more ease.

Both parties must consent to pre-mediation coaching for it to be integrated into the mediation process.


I mediate:

  • Parenting plans

  • Custody and access

  • Parenting schedules

  • Major transitions and decisions

  • Grandparent or caregiver access

  • Basic child support

  • Disputes involving LGBTQ families

  • Disputes involving multiple parents

  • Known-donor agreements

  • Co-parenting agreements


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