"Pushing for important change is hard, there’s so much resistance. My team was starting to burnout, but Brook really helped with multiple strategies around motivation and frustration. Her knowledge around systems change and group psychology, and mapping out power and relationships was absolutely essential.”

- Shen     

"Brook is a skilled facilitator and is very knowledgeable on her subject.  She took the time to structure the workshop from a place of empowerment by talking about the complexities of power within a conversation, and how we can build our power.  I especially liked that during workshop there were different formats of learning using worksheets and role-plays.  It was so much easier to plan out the kind of conversation I wish to have through these different exercises, as opposed to just thinking about it in my head and getting anxious!  I really liked that the goal of the workshop isn’t to have the perfect answer or conversation, but begin exploring what you know, what you don’t know, and how you can know more and set about planning.  The workshop I went to was 3 hours on a work day evening, and the time went by so fast!  I highly recommend it."

- Jenny    

"I got so much out of a 3-hour session with Brook, and yet it didn't feel forced or pressured. She presented an accessible framework that I have already applied in my own life and shared with others multiple times. I feel a lot more comfortable asking myself: What do I hope to get out of this conversation? Do I need to have it? Is there another way I can raise this, keeping in mind what I know about the other person? And a tough one: How may I be challenging to the other person? (Mind=blown!). It was exactly what I was hoping for. A good mix of full group interaction, personal reflection, and sharing in pairs. I'm grateful for these new tools in my toolbox, and have already shared her blog and resources with friends and colleagues. I highly recommended Brook's Preparing for Difficult Conversations workshop if you want to stretch yourself and become a better communicator (which of course means - listener)."

- Jules        

"Taking the Loving Route Workshop for Couples is a focused and thoughtful foray into working on relationship conflict. It offered accessible theory as well practical skills, and opened many doors for me! I grew both personally and professionally. The trainers created a wonderful space in which to learn, reflect, and take meaningful risk. Thank you!"


- Karen B. K. Chan,  Sex & Emotional Literacy Educator     

"I met with Brook to get help navigating a challenging relationship with my sister. I love my sister and want to have a closer relationship in adulthood, but have found it difficult to do on my own. Every time we speak, I find myself going right back to my childhood self, feeling irritated and angry with my sister, who I perceive to be controlling and judgmental about my life choices. In speaking with Brook about my relationship with my sister, I had several "a ha" moments that helped me see my behaviour, and my sister's, with greater clarity and empathy. Brook is easy to talk to, and asks thoughtful and curious questions. She is gentle, yet insistent, and brings a sense of calm and groundedness to difficult situations. Since we've been working together, I've been able to bring greater self-awareness to my interactions with my sister, pausing and breathing before reacting, and approaching her with greater empathy. Even these little changes on my part have started to shift the tone of our interactions. Thank you, Brook!"

- Christine, coaching client         

"Brook was able to facilitate a staff meeting for us when we were having a difficult period reaching consensus. She took the time to ensure that all team members felt comfortable and safe to explore and discuss alternatives that seemed impossible prior. The session turned out to be an extremely impactful as well as very educational to our team on how we function. She is both compassionate and level headed and I would recommend her services to both individuals and organisations."


- Jackie, Program Coordinator, Pre-Community Services, George Brown College     

"I met with Brook for a one-on-one session, because we were struggling with a number of conflicts between participants at a barter market.  I wanted guidance as to how best to approach such situations in such a way that did not come across as policing or oppressive.  Brook was able to help me come up with a number of different approaches and perspectives that focused on finding ways for everyone to get what they need. Some examples were providing guidelines that suggest limiting how much one takes so that everyone can have a chance to get what they need, having a community message board where visitors write their wants, needs, and wishes for the market, and getting as many people involved in the community building goals of the markets, so they would feel more ownership.   All of this has been implemented and helpful at the market since my session with Brook."


- Simon, coaching client      




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