Workplace Services

I work with a wide range of non-profit, public, and private workplaces, to improve communication and restore harmony after conflict so everyone can work together again.   


Brook facilitated a staff meeting for us when we were having a difficulty reaching consensus. She took the time to ensure that all team members felt comfortable and safe to explore alternatives that seemed impossible prior. The session turned out to be extremely impactful, and educational to our team on how we function. She is compassionate and level headed and I would recommend her service.


~ Jackie, Program Coordinator,

Pre-Community Services,

George Brown College


Workplace Restoration:

A comprehensive approach to restoring good workplace relationships after a major conflict, investigation, or other workplace trauma. Workplace restoration usually begins with an assessment and recommendations, which may include mediation, a facilitated group process, team-building exercises, conflict management coaching, policy review, and/or trainings.  Once the interventions that are recommended have been tried, there is often an evaluation period to make sure the process has been successful.

Conflict Resolution Training:

Workshops designed in collaboration with each organisation, based on their needs. 


Potential topics include:

  • Constructive communication

  • Understanding power in conflict

  • Preparing for difficult conversations

  • Giving and receiving feedback

  • Interest-based negotiation

  • Understanding human rights or conflict resolution policies and processes

  • Equity and inclusion and conflict

  • Teambuilding

  • Making difficult decisions as a group

  • Emotional awareness

  • Working with different personalities and conflict styles

And many other topics depending on the needs of the workplace.

Group Process or Meeting Facilitation:

A group process or facilitated meeting can help to improve relationships in a team or workplace.  A group process often focuses on promoting dialogue about difficult topics, or addresses specific tensions within a group.  Meeting facilitation can help a group make decisions on agenda items where there is a high level of disagreement.



As a mediator, I help people in conflict have a conversation about their areas of disagreement, and support them to understand each other, communicate more effectively, and make agreements that will help them to improve their work relationship.

Conflict Coaching:


As a Conflict Management Coach, I work one-on-one with key people involved in a conflict to help them develop and practice the skills to approach conflict in their lives and workplaces more effectively. I support managers and employees to develop skills such as constructive communication, giving and receiving feedback, understanding diverse perspectives, emotional intelligence, and problem solving.  


Pre-Mediation Coaching: for people who are preparing for mediation, who would like support to participate fully and knowledgeably in the process.


Interpersonal Coaching: for people who would like to develop their own skills and understanding to make a difficult work relationship easier.

Workplace Fairness Assessment:


A workplace fairness assessment is a preventative approach to conflict.  It is customized for a particular workplace, and provides a clear understanding of the factors that may lead to future conflict or harassment complaints, as well as recommendations as to how to improve the workplace’s systems for addressing conflict.  A workplace fairness assessment can help to build morale and productivity, and can prevent costly and time-consuming legal processes.  


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